China (Banknotes)

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Currency: Chinese foreign exchange certificate (FEC)
               (1 Yuan = 10 Jiao = 100 Fen)

Issuer: Zhōngguó Yínháng
           Bank of China)
Newer banknotes of China:

0.1 Yuan: Chn-0,1-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-0,1-Yuan-FEC-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX1]
0.5 Yuan: Chn-0,5-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-0,5-Yuan-FEC-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX2]
Foreign exchange certificates were issued between 1980 and 1994 by the People's Republic of China for foreigners who temporarily located in the country and overseas Chinese to secure government control over the foreign exchange traffic. These had to be used primarily for services such as hotel accommodations, public long-distance transports, international postal services, as well as in special shops ("Friendship stores"). The official rate for Yuan Renminbi was 1 FEC = 1 RMB, but unofficially up to 1.50 RMB were offered for 1 FEC. Trading with FEC was officially prohibited under penalty.
1 Yuan: Chn-1-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-1-Yuan-FEC-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX3]
5 Yuan: Chn-5-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-5-Yuan-FEC-R-1979
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX4]
10 Yuan: Chn-10-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-10-Yuan-FEC-R-1979  
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX5]
50 Yuan: Chn-50-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-50-Yuan-FEC-R-1979 Chn-50-Yuan-FEC-V-1988Chn-50-Yuan-FEC-R-1988
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX6]
Series 1979 (1988)  [P-FX8]
100 Yuan: Chn-100-Yuan-FEC-V-1979Chn-100-Yuan-FEC-R-1979 Chn-100-Yuan-FEC-V-1988Chn-100-Yuan-FEC-R-1988
Series 1979 (1979)  [P-FX7]
Series 1979 (1988)  [P-FX9]
All presented banknotes belong to series, which were in circulation during my stay in China (1993). The collection does not claim to completeness or timeliness.
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